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Modern Cars

At Barnes Auto Engineering we cater for all aspects of modern cylinder head repair, whether head gasket or cam belt failure. Cylinder head resurfacingpressure testing, valve seats recut, valve guides supplied and fitted. Broken glow plug removal, broken bolt removal. All sizes of solid thread repair insets supplied and fitted including spark plug sizes. We also supply gaskets, valves and guides, camshafts and followers.


For your engine block, we offer a reboring and honing service, pistons, piston rings and engine bearings supplied. Cylinder blocks refaced.

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Classic Cars

Here, at Barnes Auto Engineering we can offer a full engine rebuild service for your classic vehicle. Cylinder head resurfacing and pressure testing of the cylinder head and engine block.

Restore worn valve guides with high performance bronze guide liners.

We can convert your cylinder head to run on unleaded fuel by fitting hardened valve seats and stainless steel valves.

If your classic is suffering with worn cylinder bores, we can rebore and fit new pistons.


Why not give your classic a bit more power with our head porting and engine balancing service.

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At Barnes Auto Engineering we offer a full range of competition engine services.

Full engine balancing including, crankshaft, flywheel, front pulley, pressure plate, conrods and pistons. Big valve conversions.

Porting and gas flowing of the cylinder head is done in house. Polishing and porting. All headwork is tested on our flow bench where the gains are measured and proven. Multi angle valve and seats cut. Solid lifter conversions also catered for.

Cylinder head resurfacing and block resurfacing, re-boring and honing, contact us with your requirements.

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Agricultural & Plant

At Barnes Auto Engineering we acknowledge that living in rural North Wales, means that we also have a great demand for repairs to agricultural and plant machinery, we are seeing an increase in the amount of agricultural and plant cylinder heads. 

We offer cylinder head resurfacing (skimming), pressure testing and valve seat cutting for all makes of tractors. We also fit wet and dry cylinder liner which are necessary due to these vehicles working hard for many hours.


Marine cylinder heads and engine repairs are very common at Barnes Auto Engineering. We cater for all types of petrol and diesel inboard engines from 4 cylinder, 6 cylinder and V8. We recommend the fitting of brass core plugs and stainless steel water pumps etc. A common issue is sea water finding its way into the cylinders. This can have catastrophic effects on valves, seats and cylinder bores, all of which we can repair in house.